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Congressman Mike Thompson

Representing the 5th District of CALIFORNIA


Nov 4, 2016
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson awarded fellow Vietnam veteran Jeffery Spratt of Yountville with the medal he earned for his honorable service to our country.

Though Mr. Spratt was awarded the Bronze Star, it was never recorded on his DD-214, the form used to verify military service, and was therefore not official. In addition, Mr. Spratt was awarded additional medals that were not recorded on his DD-214 and were never received.

By working with the Napa County Veterans Service Office, specifically with Veterans Service Officer Patrick Jolly, Mr. Spratt was able to correct his DD-214 so that it accurately reflected the medals he was awarded. In addition to the Bronze Star, Mr. Spratt was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal with Four Stars, the Machine Gun – Expert Medal, and the Leadership Preparation School – Fort Ord, CA Medal.

Mr. Spratt chose to have fellow Vietnam veteran Congressman Mike Thompson award his now-official Bronze Star publicly in order to raise awareness about the importance of making sure the DD-214 form is correct as it is used to not only verify medals that were awarded during a veteran’s service, but eligibility for benefits as well. The medal presentation was also intended to shed light on the Napa County Veteran Service Office and Thompson’s office, both of which can be an invaluable resource for veterans trying to correct any issues with their DD-214 or benefits in general.

“It was a high honor to award my fellow Vietnam veteran Jeffrey Spratt with the medals he was awarded for his honorable service to our country,” said Thompson. “As Mr. Spratt’s experience makes clear, when it comes to making sure that your DD-214 is correct, our Veterans Service Officers are an invaluable resource. It’s my hope that Mr. Spratt’s story will encourage others to look into their DD-214 and contact our Veterans Service Officers – or my Napa Office – for help.”

“People like Patrick Jolly, our own Napa Valley Veterans Service Officer, has spent countless hours devoting time and energy to see that we veterans are entitled to what is deserved and provided by the Veterans Administration,” said Jeffrey Spratt. “The sad commentary is that even today many vets are not aware of their benefits and for whatever reason will not come forward or do not know how to. Many give up once they are turned away, but Patrick Jolly and his staff are there to help you fight again for what you deserve. In the case of my award the Bronze Star, Patrick Jolly discovered it wasn't even recorded, so after 50 years here's the acknowledgement. Fellow veterans, and friends and family of our veterans: contact your local advocate and get started today.”

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