Thompson Condemns Republican Efforts to Undermine Women's Healthcare

Feb 16, 2017
Press Release

Washington – Today, Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05) voted against a proposal that would allow states to pull funding from Planned Parenthood and other community health centers that offer reproductive health services.

“Millions of women rely on Planned Parenthood and similar clinics for birth control, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, and so much more,” said Thompson. “Stripping them of funding because they also offer comprehensive reproductive health care will put countless of our most vulnerable women at risk. These women are often low-income and have few options when it comes to their healthcare, and Planned Parenthood relies on public funds to provide them with care. This is a callous and purely political move that puts women and families at risk.”

H.J. Res 43 would provide congressional disapproval of a rule passed under the Obama Administration ensuring Title X funding for health centers that offer comprehensive reproductive services. Clinics like Planned Parenthood are already barred from using public funds for abortion services, so the funding received under Title X goes to preventative health services and other treatments.