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Congressman Mike Thompson

Representing the 5th District of CALIFORNIA


Sep 11, 2015
Press Release
Thompson: There is no other deal to be had…This is our best and only peaceful path forward

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-5) today voted in support of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Thompson spoke in support of the deal today on the House floor. Text of his remarks and video are below.






“Mr. Speaker, a nuclear-armed Iran is certainly unacceptable.

“And there are two ways to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon – diplomacy and military force.

“As someone who has served in combat, I believe our nation’s first choice should always be diplomacy.

“I say “first choice” because nothing in the deal takes military action off the table.

“But before we go down that road, we need to give diplomacy a shot. And this deal is the best way forward.

“I’m not new to the issue. I just finished serving eight years on the Intelligence Committee. I have reviewed the intelligence, I’ve read the classified documents and I’ve had numerous briefings with experts on every side of the issue.

“There is no other deal to be had. It’s this or the status quo. And make no mistake; the status quo leaves Iran just a short time away from a bomb.

“All of the intelligence clearly points towards the fact that this agreement is far better than doing nothing – better than the status quo.

“Iran is already a nuclear threshold state.

“If we reject this deal, Iran will keep getting closer and closer towards the development of their nuclear weapon.

“If we accept the deal, we will be able to halt Iran’s activates, the IAEA will have enormous access to conduct inspections, and Iran must forever honor the conditions of the non-proliferation treaty or face the consequences.

“This deal isn’t about trust. I don’t trust Iran. And I don’t like their leadership. 

“But as it’s been pointed out, you don't negotiate peace agreements with those you know, like and trust.

“This deal is about verification. It’s about making Iran prove it is not developing a nuclear weapon. It’s about keeping America and our allies safe.

“It is our best and only peaceful path forward.

“I urge the House to approve the Iran Nuclear Deal.”