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Congressman Mike Thompson

Representing the 5th District of CALIFORNIA

Student Resources

Just For Kids

All Kids Resources | Kindergarten-5th Grade | 6th-12th Grade | College

Our younger constituents are the future of our district and providing them information that can enhance their education is important to their development. Below are some resources that will be useful to kids.

In addition, there are resources for parents.



All Kids Resources

Kindergarten-5th Grade

6th-12th Grade

Picture of Kids in the House Logo
Learn about the House of Representatives - for KidsDepartment of Energy Kids Zone 
KidsPage, Kindergarten - 5th gradeAbout the FBI, Safety Tips, Working Dogs, Games, and more!NASA for Kids 


Games and activities from the USDA Forest Service and National Association of State Foresters.America's Library - Play Presidential Trivia, Explore our States, Discover America'sFavorite Sports 
Crime prevention activities, tips and games from the National Crime Prevention Council.Food and Drug Administration Kids Page - Perform Inspections, Take Quizzes, Learn about Animals 
CIA Page for KidsUN Kids Page - Test your knowledge of flags from around the world. 
Department of Health and Human ServicesLearn about environmentally caused health problems from A to Z -- like Asthma, Cancer, Lead, or even Zinc. 
Department of the Treasury - Learn how Money is made. Play coin games.