Chairman Thompson Lauds Passage of HR8, his Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019

Feb 27, 2019
Press Release
House passes Thompson's gun violence prevention legislation

Washington – Today Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Chairman Mike Thompson (CA-05) lauded the House passage of H.R. 8, his Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. This legislation expands background checks to cover all sales and represents the first major House vote on gun violence prevention legislation in 25 years.

“Finally. Finally, we have done more than thoughts and prayers. Finally, we have taken a vote to expand background checks and help save lives. As I stood on the floor watching today’s vote, I thought of the many survivors, their families, and advocates who’ve worked tirelessly on this over the years. Finally, we took action in their honor.

“For six long years, we worked on this issue and the previous majority would not even let us have a hearing, let alone a vote to expand background checks. Today is a new day and the show of support on both sides of the aisle for this important legislation is humbling. Thank you to Speaker Pelosi for moving this legislation so quickly. Thank you to Chairman Nadler and Chairman McGovern for their thoughtful consideration when the bill was taken up in their committees. And thank you to the millions of people across our great nation who brought us here today. Your voices and your dedication made this possible.

“Today, we pause to mark our progress. Tomorrow, we get back to work – to press the Senate to take action on this bill and to do all we can to help prevent gun violence.”

You can click here to watch Thompson’s remarks in support of this bill on the floor. H.R. 8 passed the House with 240 votes, including 232 Democrats and 8 Republicans.


The Gun Violence Prevention Task Force was established after the tragedy at Sandy Hook and has grown to a membership of more than 165.