Rep. Thompson Denounces Republican Tax Bill Provision That Harms Fire Survivors

Nov 3, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Mike Thompson (CA-05) release the following statement about the provision in the Republicans’ tax bill that would repeal a tax law that would allow fire survivors to deduct uninsured property loss as a result of a fire:

“Buried in the Republican tax bill is one of the most cold-hearted provisions I’ve seen in my tenure in public service. In an attempt to offset the cost of tax breaks for wealthy and corporate interests, Republicans are repealing a measure that allows survivors of fire disasters to write-off some costs of property destroyed in a fire.

"Simply put, this is a cruel act against the families who have lost everything in the devastating fires we just experienced in California.

"I will not stand for it.

"Every single American should be outraged that Republicans now want to take from those who literally have nothing, to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

"This does not reflect the values of our country. Our country stands up and lends a helping hand to those who have been struck by disaster—it doesn’t swoop in and pick their pockets while they’re down.

"I will fight the repeal of this deduction tooth and nail, and I urge my Republican colleagues to drop this flawed bill all together.”