Thompson Announces Ceremonial Guests for Upcoming Presidential Address to Congress

Apr 28, 2021
Press Release
Highlight deep impact of the pandemic, help from the American Rescue Plan

Napa, CA – Today Rep. Mike Thompson (CA-05) announced that he has invited a ceremonial guest from each county in his district to virtually attend President Biden’s first Address to Congress. Typically, Members of Congress can invite one guest to view the speech in the House gallery but this year, those invites are ceremonial due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A statement from Thompson is below.

“The last year has been tough for people across our district and our nation, but we are working hard to bring back every Federal resource and dollar to help crush COVID-19 and boost the economic recovery for working families and small businesses. This year, though I cannot bring a guest in person to the President’s Address to Congress, I’m glad to have the chance to invite ceremonial guests to help highlight our recovery in our district. It’s my honor to announce that my ceremonial guests include Tiffany Grimsley, Weston Seifert, Betty Labastida, Arnold Pulido and Rohnert Park Vice Mayor Jackie Elward. They represent the deep impact the virus has had on our district, but also the incredible strides we are making to recover in part thanks to the American Rescue Plan. Together, we will continue this essential work.”

Thompson’s Ceremonial Guests help to highlight the deep impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Fifth Congressional District and how the American Rescue Plan is helping to boost the health care response and the economic recovery for working families and small businesses. Guests include:

  • Council Member Tiffany Grimsley, City of Hercules, California
  • Weston Seifert, Owner of Saw Shop Public House in Kelseyville, Lake County
  • Betty Labastida, OLE Heath volunteer and Board of Directors member and retired nurse practitioner
  • Arnold Pulido, Owner of Kehaulani’s Café in Vallejo, California
  • Rohnert Park Vice Mayor Jackie Elward, who is helping to distribute the more than $8 million in Federal funding to the city to ensure residents can recover.