Community Project Funding

Congressional Leadership has announced that Community Project Funding requests from Members of Congress which direct funds to a specific state or local government or eligible non-profit recipient will now be possible for Fiscal Year 2022. I fully support this decision as Congress has both the right and responsibility to provide input on funding decisions for worthwhile project proposals critical to the health, safety and economic well-being of the people of our District.

With this new opportunity, please know that the Committee on Appropriations has set limitations and requirements for Community Project Funding proposals. Members of Congress are limited to submitting only 10 Community Project Funding requests with no guarantee that they will all be funded. Projects will also be competitively evaluated by the Committee on Appropriations, so projects with strong local support will be given preference.

My staff will work with you to answer questions about whether your project as envisioned is something that can be eligible for this new process. Please see the resource guide which identifies which programs are eligible for Community Project Funding requests, and the required documentation for projects in various programs. In order for me to put forward the strongest set of project requests, I ask that you email your priorities to by close of business Monday, April 12th, 2021. In submitting your priorities, please provide all the information required by each appropriations subcommittee.

The House has also instituted transparency measures to ensure that Members of Congress do not have a financial interest in Community Project Funding requests. This certification, and the associated documentation for each project, is designed to balance the interest in greater Congressional involvement in funding decisions with the need to ensure that all projects requested by Members of Congress are high quality projects.

While there is great excitement about the opportunity for Community Project Funding requests, this year’s environment will be especially challenging for securing funding for projects.  I encourage you to only include the highest priority projects and I will do all that is possible in this new environment to support investments that improve our communities. I believe that the people of our district are in the best position to identify those worthwhile projects that will enhance safety, create jobs and improve our quality of life, and I look forward to your recommendations.