Community Project Funding

Congressional Leadership has made important changes that allow Members of Congress to provide greater input on how funding will be directed to specific state or local governments or eligible non-profit recipients for Fiscal Year 2022. I fully support this decision as Congress has both the right and responsibility to provide input on funding decisions for worthwhile project proposals critical to the health, safety and economic well-being of the people of our districts.  

Members of Congress are allowed to submit 10 Community Funded Project requests to the Appropriations Committee. There are no guarantees that these Community Funded Projects will all be funded, and the projects will be competitively evaluated by the Committee on Appropriations. There were a lot of great projects submitted to me, and I was happy to be able to submit the following requests this first year. Please click here to read about them and also the financial certification for these projects here.  

Additionally, the House Committee on Transportation is allowing Members of Congress to submit project recommendations that will benefit their communities. Read more about the program and the projects I was able to submit here, and the financial certification for these projects here.  

I believe that the people of our district are in the best position to identify those worthwhile projects that will enhance safety, create jobs and improve our quality of life. I look forward to working with communities to develop and support as many projects for our district through the Community Funded Project and Member Designated Project opportunities.